Who is Doctor Peter Bablis

Peter Bablis is a world renowned health care professional practicing in Sydney. With over 21 year of experience in the world of Mind Body Medicine, Peter Bablis has contributed immensely to the field of treating people using traditional and natural methods. Dr. Peter Bablis has post-graduate qualifications in Naturopathy, Sports Medicine, Medical Herbalism, Clinical Nutrition, Homeopathy, Iridology, Acupuncture, and Kinesiology. So many ill patients from different parts of the world visit him for treatment. Peter Bablis has received commendations for his working style. He takes great care in selecting the personnel in his organization and for this reason, he has a team of dedicated professionals who have attained degrees from world famous institutions. He makes sure every one of his clients leaves satisfied and treats them each with love and care.

Peter Bablis has been using natural medicines from plant extracts for different kinds of health problems. One of the most effective ways of assisting with treating diseases is by using different parts of plants for medicine. Dr. Peter Bablis has tapped into the benefits of using plant originated medicines for treating many forms of disorders. He uses all the complete natural elements of the plant rather than just extracting chemicals from it. Plant originated medicines are believed to be more effective to assist in treating physical and mental disorders. He is the founder of Universal Health, one of the most popular health centers in Sydney providing effective and excellent products and services in the field of complementary medicine.

He uses a mixture of both natural and modern methods of treatment in preventing and healing people. Considered a great achiever, Peter has been working hard to bring relief to people suffering from erratic health conditions. Regardless of age and gender, his set of medicines are designed to bring long lasting effect to health issues. He specializes in treating health-related problems such as stress, high blood pressure, insomnia, restlessness, joint problems and so much more. For those suffering from health alignments seeking reliable ethical care, Dr. Peter Bablis is an excellent choice among health professionals.


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